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"Know, My Prince, that it came to pass that two mighty companies came together, birthed from the crucible of The Grand Conjunction.  Destiny surpassed Prophecy in the course of their deeds, a Destiny forged in Blood and Brotherhood."~Scrolls of Skellos

Still out there

Herr Fritz, Aug 26, 10 10:07 AM.
Hey guys, just noticed soime of you drop in from time to time.  Just wanted to say hey and I hope you are having fun out there!


Reposting for refrence

Herr Fritz, Nov 6, 09 9:22 PM.
Armorsmith---|            |
                          |--Temple--|--Trade Post--|--Architect
Alchemy------|            |

Tier I - Siege Merchant
Tier II - Old Tarantia Wagoner
Tier III - Battlekeep available
Feat - HP Buff

Tier I - Food & Drink Merchant, Whores
Tier II - Potion Vendor, Provisioner Vendor, Tradeskill Supplier, Pet Vendor
Tier III - Expanded Pet Vendor, Conarch Village & Khemi Wagoners
Feat - None

Tier I - Path of Comrades
Feat - Magical Invulnerabilities

Tier I - Level 40 Guards
Tier II - Level 60 Guards
Tier III - Level 80 Guards, Guard Captain (Border Kingdoms Wagoner)
Feat - Physical Invulnerabilities

Feat - Magic Damage Buff

Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Architect, Alchemy, Thieve's
Tier I - Level 40 Guards
Tier II - Level 60 Guards
Tier III - Level 80 Guards
Armorsmith Feat - Physical Invulnerabilities
Weaponsmith Feat - Combat Rating Buff
Architect Feat - Magic Damage Buff
Alchemy Feat - Magical Invulnerabilities
Thieve's Feat - Combat Rating Buff

Guild Portal Deletions

Dances With Shadows, Oct 1, 09 3:19 PM.
As of this week, I have manually deleted most of the accounts on the web site that were two or months inactive.  Since your guild portal account name may differ wildly from your in-game character name, or vent handle, it was not feasible for me to accurately select any acounts to "hold off on".  Thus, I made across-the-board sweeping deletions.

Having said that, if you were removed from member access to the site and wish to rejoin, just resubmitt via the join button at the top of the page and we'll get you right back in.  Chances are though, if you were deleted you are not reading this now.

Guild Portal Activity

Dances With Shadows, Sep 30, 09 4:52 PM.
Brothers and Sisters,

As all of you know, we have a 45 day log in policy for the guiild, or you will be removed from the guild list.  The policy for the web site was quite a bit longer...120 days.  However, if you have been deleted from he guild for inactivity in he game, chances are you aren't using the web site either. (exception to rule: Sadat)  So, from hence forth the deletion threshold for the web site is set to reflect the in-game standard, which is 45 days.

At 40 days, you will receive a guild mail warning that you are in danger of being deleted from the web site for inactivity.  On day 46 since your last log in, the system will automatically delete your account with the B&B site.

This process will keep our roster clean and organized, letting the guild officers know who is who more clearly.

Site Update

Herr Fritz, Sep 19, 09 1:52 PM.
Over the next week or so changes are comming for the site.  A fresh look and styling is in order.  Should anyone have any comments, feel free to direct them here.
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